ionStar is proud to be one of the founding signatories of the Women in Finance Charter launched in March 2016 by HM Treasury. The Women in Finance Charter is a commitment by HM Treasury and signatory firms to support and aspire to a more gender-balanced industry.

The Charter reflects the government’s intention to reach a place where gender balance is apparent at all levels across the financial services industry which benefits customers, profitability and workplace culture. The culture and values of ionStar are very much aligned with the aims of the Women in Finance Charter.

ionStar is a full service compliance boutique offering a range of compliance advice and support across financial services, enabling its clients to flex their compliance resource up or down as needed. We draw on a talented pool of compliance professionals who have previously worked in-house at leading City firms or with regulators. Our professionals are motivated to work but they no longer want to work in a traditional way. They desire a healthy work/life balance and flexibility. The economy benefits as previously lost talent, often female, returns to the market and current talent is retained.

The Charter asks financial firms to support the progression of women into senior roles, set internal targets to improve diversity in the workforce, and publicly report on these goals. ionStar is committed to fully support the Charter by continuing with their approach to gender diversity, and in particular the encouragement and enabling of women to return to work or remain in their profession whilst working flexibly.

ionStar’s targets:

Our internal diversity target is:

  • to ensure that we continue with an executive board which is at least 50% female

Our external targets are:

  • to ensure our consultant network is at least 50% female, allowing for a 10% tolerance
  • to bring 20 new consultants into the network each year of which at least 50% will be female. We want to encourage and support more females to return to or to remain in financial services on a flexible basis
  • to initiate a mentoring system to allow all consultants, male or female, to discuss and think through issues regarding their careers and ultimate goals within a supportive and confidential environment
  • to continue to develop our consultants through our Personal Development Programme which inspires and empowers individuals to achieve their goals
  • to continue to incentivise (via a voucher scheme) our consultants who bring in other consultants and help us build a diverse network

The senior executive team member who is responsible and accountable for gender diversity and inclusion is: Liz Hughes, Founder and MD of ionStar.

Target Reporting

Our targets will be submitted to HM Treasury annually and will be analysed by New Financial who will report progress on an annual basis. New Financial are an independent forum and think tank with a remit to gain greater understanding of the issues and highlight any shortfalls with regards to women gaining and maintaining senior positions within the financial services industry.

Target progress is published on an annual basis on our website. Click here for our 2017 update.

Should you have any questions please contact Liz Hughes.



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