Diverse • Professional • Flexible

ionStar is unique because of our network of great people.

Our professionals have hands-on, in-house commercial experience at top financial firms and have worked with regulators.

Our unique approach

All of our professionals have experience finding solutions to help businesses succeed, and ionStar mobilises this talented pool of individuals to deliver value for our clients.

We have a rich and diverse network of talented compliance professionals working with us in a culture that supports flexible working. There are countless experienced professionals who, for whatever reason, cannot or do not want to commute to the City anymore. These people have previously struggled to find a place in the market, despite their vast wealth of knowledge, because firms could not offer them the flexibility that they need or desire.

Some of our professionals are on career breaks; some value more family time; some are nearing retirement or are retired; some are employed full or part time but have spare capacity; some want to make work fit better with their lives; and some are just fed up with the sweaty commute, the long working hours and the “face time” that is so often required to progress through the ranks.

We simultaneously bring their experience to bear for the benefit of our clients and create professional options for our professionals to build a happier life.

And we find that when our professionals are happy, so are our clients.

Work / Life Fit

We don’t ask our professionals to work full or part time, instead we ask them what schedule works for them, and go to work finding businesses whose needs are a perfect match for their skills.

It’s the ultimate flexible working solution.


The Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development point out that there is a strong correlation between employees achieving the right balance between work and home life and those who are engaged at work

Talent Gateway, 2015

14 million Britons – equivalent to 46% of people in work in the UK – would like to work flexibly but just 6.2% of quality job vacancies mention flexible work

Timewise Jobs, June 2015

Home workers made up 13.9% of all those in work in the UK during the first quarter of 2014 – the rate is the highest since comparable records began. The number of people working from home reached 4.2m in 2014

The Office for National Statistics, June 2014

Home workers have been repeatedly shown to be more productive, up to 22% where self-selection is allowed

Does Working from Home Work? Stanford Economics 2013

Happiness improves productivity by 12%

Happiness and Productivity, University of Warwick 2014

Here are ionStar we are always looking for expert compliance professionals who share our values.
Please get in touch if this is of interest.

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