Here we showcase our Partners who are leading the way championing flexible working and / or empowering professionals to have the confidence to do their jobs or return to the market. We believe that it is important to work together with like-minded people who are doing great things in the market. It is important to drive forward the flexible working agenda. To show how it can work and how it can benefit firms and individuals alike.

We personally know each of the individuals and firms listed below. We have met and worked with them. We believe they offer valuable services for both our clients and our professionals. We are more than happy to provide references for any of our Partners. We hope that you find this page useful and interesting. Please do feedback successful collaborations!


msbQuite often the brightest and best fail to shine when it matters. Martyn and his team are excellent. They use the most advanced techniques from theatre and business to help individuals and teams communicate at their best.

We are slightly biased with MSB Executive as they coach our founder, Liz, and have helped her gain the confidence to go out and pursue board positions and present to rooms packed full of people, which was an extremely daunting prospect beforehand. We cannot recommend Martyn and his team more highly.

streets Consulting

This firm is passionate about helping firms explain and illustrate how and why they make a difference to their customers. The Streets Consulting team help firms achieve their growth ambitions by clearly and effectively establishing their brands, reinforcing their reputation and communicating their difference. They support all sizes of firms from early stage companies to large multinationals. In each case they start from a simple premise: they seek to understand your corporate and sales ambitions, your regulatory context and industry drivers. They measure these against the market perception and devise an integrated campaign to create the right profile and reputation in the minds of your customers and the industry at large.

They operate via a virtual business model (of which we are great fans!) and successfully bring together highly experienced consultants and resources. Their team consists of marketing, communications, media, design and production specialists with knowledge and experience in the financial services and technology industries. We can highly recommend Streets Consulting. Not only is it run by an inspiring founder but they are easy to work with and compliment our business model beautifully.

e2wE2W are the go-to place for women to manage their financial services careers and have been representing the interests of working women in financial services since 2002.

At E2W, they are passionate about harnessing women’s experience, knowledge, skills and passion for the financial services industry and understand the contribution that women make to economic growth. Their members have long and established financial markets careers and understand the challenges faced in managing careers and achieving aspirations, whatever they may be.

They have championed the debate on gender balance in the workplace and there are now many excellent initiatives underway. The focus not only remains on increasing the number of women in leadership positions but now more importantly, on how to address the issues apparent in different layers within the business.

At E2W, they strive to reach a level playing field and will continue to build on progress and ensure that women play a full role, at all career stages, within financial services.

They are delighted to support women in their aspirations, and in doing so help the industry diversify and continue to access their expertise in the business.

Hurston EliotHurston Eliot is a boutique placement firm. Their clients are mostly SMEs and start-ups that value the efficiency of hiring outstanding talent on less than a full-time basis, whether on projects or permanent part-time engagements. They work across sectors and verticals, albeit with a focus on law, finance, marketing and strategy. Businesses benefit by accessing exceptional talent, for the amount of time they need. Candidates get to do challenging work, and still have time for the other important things in their life (whether that’s motherhood or writing the novel they’ve always dreamed of).

Sylvana Caloni
Sylvana Caloni is the founder of SC Executive Coaching, a Facilitator, Speaker, Writer and Leadership Consultant. Sylvana harnesses a powerful combination of perspectives and practices from being a leader of teams and oganisations, from analysing companies and their leaders as an investment analyst and from partnering with executives to address their specific leadership requirements.

Sylvana also facilitates Peer Advisory Boards in a confidential space devoid of internal politics and vested interests. The boards bring together the collective wisdom of business owners and senior executives who are in non-competing businesses, are objective and have a diversity of opinions to generate solutions to business challenges.

Sylvana is committed to playing her part in enabling you to create environments where values are respected, contributions acknowledged and the impact of your company on your communities and society are recognised.

funny Sarah Brummitt is a pioneer in her field. She is a highly qualified Executive Coach, seasoned training professional, award winning image professional and published author, Sarah runs her own global professional development business – Sarah Brummitt Limited.  Sarah Brummitt Limited is a training and development company with 4 distinct areas of learning expertise, Executive Presence, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching and Public Speaking. In order to succeed today professionals need a set of skills like never before Sarah Brummitt Limited can help you gain this expertise.

 thehoxbycollective-logo-black-stackedThe Hoxby Collective is a new concept that provides a platform for the best talent to do what they love, be part of a fantastic community, and create a flexible workstyle to best suit their ever-changing lifestyle.
In the Hoxby community, people have the freedom to choose where and when they work, so that it suits the other unique aspects of their life. Hoxby give them the tools to collaborate in this way because it makes them happier, more productive and better at the job they do.


 logo2Make Your Words Work™ is bridging the gap between design and business. They deliver day-to-day design projects via a handpicked network of creative talent and offer bespoke consultancy to in-house design and content teams.

funnyFunny Women know that comedy is more than just entertainment – it can be used to break down barriers, improve communication, build confidence and empower. They have developed a range of key practical strategies and enjoyable workshops that help individuals and teams utilise the positive effects of humour in the workplace. Funny Women provide corporate training, entertainment for your corporate events and one-to-one tutorials, utilising the skills of persons prolific within the comedy industry.

We have worked with Funny Women and find their approach refreshing and enjoyable. There is much to learn from loosening up and embracing humour in the workplace.

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