Passionate • Proactive • Personable

At the core of ionStar’s mission is the belief that people make a company successful.

Understanding the difference between meaningful work and the superfluous is central to our philosophy.

Our passion is discovering and scaling new ways to achieve productivity, and in so doing empowering compliance professionals to realise a better work-life balance, reentering the market and remaining professionally engaged to assist our clients.

By creating a culture of mutual respect and efficiency, we’re able to attract a diverse range of accomplished compliance professionals, whose unique and valuable experience is harnessed to overcome our clients’ regulatory challenges.

The Principal

Liz founded ionStar after a successful career in compliance, working with some of London’s leading firms in Canary Wharf, Mayfair, and the City.

After leaving the corporate world to raise her three children, Liz was looking to re-engage with the business community. By launching ionStar she created a company that recognises home life to be as important as work life, a culture that continues to inspire a wealth of compliance professionals to join the ionStar team.

Liz splits her time between work, family life and her hobbies. As MD of ionStar, Liz’s day to day actions touch every part of the business, from leading business development initiatives, building strategic partnerships, to public relations, project management, overseeing quality control and, importantly, introducing new professionals to this way of working.

Liz is passionate about supporting the ionStar network, developing people both professionally and personally, and helping them to achieve their desired work/life fit.

Liz has been recognised in various awards including Brummell Magazine’s “Top 30 Inspirational Women: City Innovators” and in the Women in Finance Awards she was shortlisted for “Woman of the Year 2017”. In 2016, Liz won the “Winner of Most Effective Promoter of Gender Diversity” at the Compliance Register Awards for her work with ionStar.

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