Women in Finance Charter – One Year On

By November 29, 2017 News

As one of the founding signatories of the Women in Finance Charter launched in March 2016 by HM Treasury, ionStar has been committed to strive to meet the targets we set ourselves. A year has now past which gives us the opportunity to review and report on where we are with regards to meeting our targets.

We are pleased to confirm that we operate with an executive board and a consultant network which is at least 50% female. By doing so we have met our headline gender diversity target and also one of our internal diversity targets for the Women in Finance Charter which is also aligned with ionStar’s approach to diversity and equal opportunities.

Having requested and received feedback from our consultant network on the Personal Development Programme sessions we have run to date, we have been able to meet another of our internal targets by tailoring the programme in order to provide the support and development opportunities our consultants need to continue to excel and achieve their goals.

In order to recognise our consultants who introduce other consultants and help us build a diverse network we will continue to incentivize via a voucher scheme.

We have been less successful meeting our other two internal diversity targets – introducing a mentoring scheme and recruiting 20 new consultants to the network – but we hope to move these forward in the coming year.

ionStar is committed to continuing to fully support the Charter and its approach to gender diversity and in particular the encouragement and enabling of women to return to work or remain in their profession whilst working flexibly.

“It is imperative that we continue to focus our efforts on gender diversity to ensure we keep making progress. An upward trajectory is not a given. Enabling more professionals to stay in the market and utilise their skills is a win-win for individuals and businesses alike.”
Liz Hughes, Founder